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Re: Propellant fluid dynamics at zero-g

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 9. Januar 2001 07:08
Betreff: [amsat-bb] Propellant fluid dynamics at zero-g

> Titled "Slosh, rattle and roll,"


I wonder how it is made that the fuel 'finds' the output nozzle
of the tank in weightlessness.

I've been told, that -before burn- fuel is pressed to circumference
by spinning the satellite. So, the nozzle must be most distant to
the spin axis when motor starts.

As soon as the motor runs, the sat is accelerated and the fuel
will slosh to the 'bottom' of the tank, which is 90 degree apart
from the nozzle used while ignition.

So, I still wonder how it can be made sure that propellant flows
without any interruption until the tank is empty.

73! Ulf, DK9SJ

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