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Re: Leaking out the nozzle [was: Re:Bravo to the command team!]

>Did anybody say which valve it was that was being exercized when the
>stopped? I wonder if it is in the circuit for the propellant that is
leaking? Is
>it even known *which* propellant is leaking? Or if perhaps there was a very
>brief pulse of hypergolic mixing of leaked propellants in the engine at that

I think it was one of the helium valves that was sticking, and that was the
one they were cycling.  Of course, if one of the MMH or N2O4 valves stuck
after the burn, that would explain propellant leakage too.  Would it be
worth cycling the suspect one to see if it will close properly?  Might be
able to save the remaining propellant that way.

I'm not sure if the ATOS motor could manage enough delta-v to get us into
the original planned orbit from here ..

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