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Bravo to the command team!

Hi All,

I think today's AMSAT Special Bulletin 008.01 regarding the
status of AO-40 is really good news.  There are some negatives
in that some functions have been lost but AO-40 is still very
capable.  Thanks to all of the AMSAT command team for your
hard work.

There are specific points that I would like to see clarified
in order to help us understand the AO-40 status better.  They

In the What's Next section of the bulletin Dr. Meinzer uses
the phrase "ongoing mass loss".  What is he referring to?
Does this indicate that the spacecraft is still loosing mass
or that it will in the future?  If reorienting the spacecraft
could take advantage of it it must mean the mechanism is
understood.  Is this true?  I am sure clarification would be
greatly appreciated by all.

Again, Our sincere appreciation to the AMSAT Command Team!

73's de Richard Burgan @ WC8J
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