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survey results

I received 63 replies to my questions asking if amsat-bb participants have recently written any software or designed RF circuits.  Here is a summary of the replies:
23 of 63 (36.5%) say they have recently written software AND designed RF circuits.
26 of 63 (41%) say they have written software but have NOT designed RF circuits.
9 of 63 (14%) say they have NOT written software, but have designed RF circuits.
5 of 63 (8%) say they have not written software or designed RF circuits recently.
Overall, 78% of the respondents say they have written software recently, and 51% of the respondents say they have designed an RF circuit recently, with considerable overlap between the "software" group and the "RF" group.
This is not a scientific sampling.  A veteran pollster would say that my questions were worded in a way to encourage "yes" (bragging) responses and possibly to discourage "no" responses.  One cannot extrapolate these results as being representative of the population of all satellite operators, or even all amsat-bb members.  But there is definitely a large core of hands-on software and RF experimenters among this group.
Amsat-bb list traffic seems nearly evenly divided between software topics and RF topics, so I was surprised to see such a high percentage of respondents say they have written software recently.
Thanks to everyone who participated in my informal survey.
Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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