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Interference. Again.

After a hiatus of several months, I finally got my station running and back 
on the birds. I've made a few QSOs on AO10, RS13 and the FO birds. I'd be 
pretty pleased if it wasn't for the fact that I've had to cut short every 
single QSO because of intentional interference. As I write this, I had to 
cut short a QSO with W0SAT. What's the deal with this? I guess some are 
using the QSO to zero beat their own transmitter. I guess others key up on 
top of the QSO every couple of seconds to make sure they're ready to call 
milliseconds after I give up in disgust and sign with the person I'm trying 
to talk with. I guess some just don't like waiting and call, ID, send V's 
and whatever else so I'll keep the QSO to a few seconds. I'm not working 
rare DX. The satellites aren't falling into the ocean later today. It's not 
a 20m contest.

And I'm NOT calling someone who just ruined a conversation including the
obnoxiously loud CW station who just blew my aborted SSB QSO with Jerry!

I'm happy to talk with anyone in any mode but I can still only handle one at 
a time and sometimes we may have more to exchange than name, rank and serial 
number. Please show the same consideration you would like to receive from 

Thank you & 73...Mark - KB3CWS

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