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Re: AO40: status

>Additionally, if you remember that Peter Guelzow stated that the control
>team already calculated the change in spin rate to due losing propellant.
>He said that it cannot be accounted for since there is not enough propellant
>on board to spin the bird as fast as it is.

If there is (or was) enough propellant on board to accelerate the bird
by more than 1,000 meters per second, then I think it pretty obvious
that there was *plenty* of propellant on board to spin the bird to its
current 17RPM rate.

It all depends on what you think has happened to the chemical energy
stored in the propellants.  Peter's statement apparently assumes that
any role the propellants had in changing the spin was limited to the
movement of their inert masses.

This is a rather questionable assumption to make about chemicals like
monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide in close proximity.

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