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UO-14 voice interference...

Hi all,

Due to my centered position in the North Atlantic
Ocean (HM49),sometimes the only land inside the footprint
of AO-27 and UO-14 are Azores Islands (thatīs me , 
Portuguese language)and Canary Islands (Spanish 
Looking at the footpint i was able to tell that 
interference on UO-14 (also heard on AO-27,some time ago) 
is coming from Canary Islands (Spanish spoken) or 
ishermans near those islands (probably southwards, as the 
signal was strong before TCA).They where sometimes 
using "QSL" at the end of conversation,possibly
meaning that they are Amateurs, but speaking 
about fish and echo-sounders ,possibly meaning that the 
are fishermans.
Amateurs fishermans?? maybe, but they were also using 
rude words,so itīs hard to be sure.
Anyway, somebody on the input frequency (145.975)  on 
Canary Islands
on should certainly help to find out.

73, and Happy New Year!

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