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Re: ao40 today

I hadn't thought about the specular reflections off the
engine.  That was an oversight.    Talk about
dynamic multipath!


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> ><<The nice thing about this "wobbulation" is:
> After thinking about it some more, I'm not sure this is true. At high
> squint angles, the other spacecraft components around the antenna
> could unpredictably affect the pattern as the spacecraft spins.
> Consider the possibility of a specular "glint" off the engine bell,
> e.g., as the S-band antenna rotates in front of it.  Along with the
> jump in amplitude there would also be a sudden jump in carrier phase
> due to the extra distance the signal would have to travel from the
> S-band antenna to the engine bell and back, a distance of perhaps a
> meter. That's quite a few wavelengths at 13 cm.
> The presence of modulation makes it hard to see just the spin-induced
> doppler in a FFT waterfall. It should be pretty easy in my DSP demod
> to strip the modulation from the signal, leaving an unmodulated
> carrier plus noise.  I'll give that a try.
> Phil

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