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I think a PCI upgrade of this valuable DSP sw would be of use to satellite
users.  Anyone able to give Mike some help?

>Sender: "Amateur radio EME (moonbounce) communications"
>From: "Mike Cook, AF9Y" <mwcook@concentric.net>
>Here's the problem with FFTDSP:
>   The program was designed before Microsoft decided that they should
>control all the interfaces within the PC.  PCs were much less capable back
>then and it required a very fast interface to the soundcard to allow data
>acquisition, FFT processing and screen output. Directly interfacing with
>the PC Direct Memory Access (DMA) was the only way to achieve the speed at
>that time.  This allowed FFTDSP to run well with a 66mhz, 486 and even
>some 386 PCs.
>   With the evolution of both PC hardware and Microsoft's operating
>system, FFTDSP needs to be updated.  Windows 2000 no longer allows
>direct interfacing to DMA; you must use a MS virtual DMA software
>driver.  PCI does not have access to DMA so the none of the PCI
>soundcards will run FFTDSP.  Even the ISA buss has disappeared so
>installing an older soundcard will no longer be an option.
>   Although I've become inactive on EME due to other interests, I
>would like to upgrade FFTDSP to operate on the current PCs.  Unfortunately
>FFTDSP was written in Pascal and I'm not interested in rewriting it in C
>to take advantage of all the soundcard utilities available in that
>language.  It should be possible to substitute the DMA procedure with a
>proper PCI based soundcard interface; I've just not been able to find
>anything off the shelf for use in Pascal.  If anyone out there could
>help, I would appreciate it.  Any final update to FFTDSP would be free to
>all the registered FFTDSP users.
>   Thanks,
>Mike, AF9Y

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