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Re: S-Band Antenna Comparisons, etc.

cbuttsch@slonet.org writes:

> Jerry, it is not clear to me if the dish antenna is linear or were you
>  able to compare both with RHC?  Truthfully, I have had a devil of a time
>  with the small dish and about ready to go to the helix regardless of gain.

Hi Cliff.
The dish is linear (Andrew T-2400 feed with a reflector reminiscent of the 
Parabeam designs of old) and it made no difference whether horizontal of 
vertical.  Both helices are RHCP.  Given the obtuse squint, I would not make 
any assumptions nor any extrapolations about circular polarity at this time.  

My comments about the sharpness of the pattern though, are quite serious:  
half the gain of this large antenna is lost if accurate tracking is not 
maintained within a few degrees.  I've never aimed a dish like this at a 
satellite before and I was surprised by how sensitive the pointing is--this 
is not like waving your Arrow Antenna at AO-27!
Jerry, K5OE

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