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Re: AO40: status

Phil Karn wrote:
> bruninga@usna.edu wrote:
> >Kind of like the fly flying around the cockpit of Lindberg's plane.  Does
> >it add to the weight of his plane or not?
> Sure it does. The fly, being heavier than air, must flap its wings to
> stay in the air. This results in a downward motion of air that pushes
> on the cockpit floor...

I resisted "weighing in" on this point, until now. :-)  

Gee, Bob. Lindberg's fly is of questionable relevance to the present discussion,
but of course the fly has to go on the cargo manifest, for the reasons Phil

I thought everybody knew the story about the fellow who was fishing beside the
bridge that carried a country road over the local creek. 

A cube van pulls up to the bridge, stops, the driver gets out, beats furiously
on the side of the cargo bay with a broom handle. He drives halfway across the
bridge, stops, repeats the process, gets back in, resumes driving.

As he exits the bridge, our fellow hails him and says "What was that all about?"
The driver points at a sign saying "Bridge capacity: One ton" and says "I've got
two tons of chickens in the back..." :-)

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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