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Re: Speaking of big ears...

"Margaret Leber (K3XS)" wrote:
> And I thought *I* got a good deal on used antennas:
> "NSA abandons wondrous stuff"
> "Astronomers who took over an abandoned spy base find remarkable, expensive and
> often
>  incomprehensible stuff at every turn."
> http://www.sunspot.net/cgi-bin/editorial/printversion.cgi?storyid=1150520223288


That reminded me of my visit to the Defenbunker up in Carp, Ontario.  It is
the former nuclear survival shelter for the Canadian government.  It is
amazing the systems and the design aspects that went into the bunker.
Even with the engineering it was realized that it could not survive more
than a 15 megaton direct hit.  It was a secret site in a small town outside
of Ottawa.

A group bought it and is turning it into a cold war museum.  They cannot
possible use all of it but still have to power and heat the multi-floored
underground shelter.  Alot of stuff was removed but they still have the
computer controlled security system and a massive vault door.  Technically
the vault door is owned by the Bank of Canada but it cannot be removed.
It was installed while building the site.  You can tell this thing cost
the Canadian taxpayer alot of money.

73 Eric eac@shore.net  WB1HBU
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