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Re: Re: the Linux thread ( that is what it is right ? )

>Phil, you may have missed my point.  My point is, an OS is just
>a tool. It exists to allow an application to run on the hardware.

Actually, I was using "OS" in its more modern sense to mean the whole
application and development environment, not just the kernel.

>The OS should be 'transparent', that is, should not get in the way of
>you getting your work done.

You're quite right, and that's why I find UNIX and UNIX-like systems
so much better for most purposes than anything from Microsoft.

>Four years, or even four weeks, is way too long to learn how to use
>an OS, particularly if you are writing software for a living.

I assume you're not talking about the time it originally took you to
learn how to program?

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