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Re: AO40: status

Phil Karn wrote:

>>It's just that when I hear "leak" I picture fluids moving *away* from the 
>> spin axis.
> Unless the leak is in or near the engine, which is mounted in the center.


So with a leak in the engine--sat is spinning which drives fluids in tanks
centrifugally to the outboard side--fuel flows from the tanks to the engine,
through lines from the tanks to the hypothetically leaky valves. As fuel dumps
overboard through (or near) the engine, the fluid level in the tanks "drops",
i.e. moves outboard, but every drop of fuel that moves *towards* the engine
gives up its angular momentum to the spacecraft spin as the fuel moves closer to
the spin axis, where it leaves the system at minimum angular momentum. In a
sense, the energy that actually spins it all up started stored as pressure in
the He tank.   

Wow. That one took some careful visualization before I got it. Thanks, Phil.

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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