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Re: A leak??

> If there is a leak are the chemicals corrosive? Will they damage the
>equipment bays? If it is.. I havent looked but can we vent off one tank at a

MMH and N2O4 are both *very* nasty chemicals; check out the photos
from Kourou of the fueling operation. MMH is a strong reducing agent,
while N2O4 is a strong oxidizing agent.

Go read the report on the Mars Observer mission failure in 1994:

>     The board's study concluded that the propulsion system failure
>most probably was caused by the inadvertent mixing and the reaction
>of nitrogen tetroxide (NTO) and MMH within titanium pressurization
>tubing, during the helium pressurization of the fuel tanks.  This
>reaction caused the tubing to rupture, resulting in helium and MMH
>being released from the tubing, thus forcing the spacecraft into a
>catastrophic spin and also damaging critical electrical circuits.



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