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Re: Speaking of big ears...


The Green Bank Telescope is a REAL antenna, that's for sure. 
Speaking of NRAO
and Green Bank, WV....

I recall a couple of stories that I heard at Green Bank in the

On a cold West Virginia day while working on the prime focus
(the feed in Ham lingo) of the 140 ft. dish.  It was pointed
at the horizon and the workers were up on an access tower in
the cold wrestling to get some new equipment mounted. One of
the staff rolled up in a Checker (diesel car) and yelled up
that the local school had called and asked them to stop
yelling profanities over the speaker system!  They could
probably here every kid on the playground too!

Crews had just finished painting one of the dishes with a coat
of protective white paint.  Late that same summer afternoon
one of the astronomers up at Green Bank for his scheduled
observing time found his car "burned to a crisp".  The cause
of the fire is thought to have been focused sun glint from the
newly painted antenna.  After that a special paint has been
used on the antennas.

Hi, Hi...

73's de Rich Burgan, WC8J


"Robert E. Martinson" wrote:

> I think you're referring to the new NRAO dish which is now on the air:
> http://www.nrao.edu/
> It's what I call "a real antenna"!
> 73,
> Bob
> N1VQR@amsat.org
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> "Richard D. Burgan" wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Did I here BIG ear?  Below is a link to what the future of BIG Ear might
> be.  I
> > found this really interesting reading.  Recently I moved to Columbus, Ohio
> so
> > I'm thinking of the possibilities.  The Argus planar array telescope has
> some
> > real potential.
> >
> > Try this link: http://www.bigear.org/argus_menu.htm
> >
> Thanks rich , this is too cool , I knew of the concept , but didn't know how
> far
> anyone had gotten .....
> Has anyone heard about the huge dish that had multiple elements on it that
> could
> all be aligned to within a few milimeters  ( I think it was trapazoidal )
> and is
> -very- tall , I seem to have lost the link to that one , it was sure a neat
> site
> , and was wondering how they are coming along ?
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