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AO-40 corrosion?

Just a thought experiment that arises from the AO-40 speculations -- I
always thought that corrosion was defined as the slow oxidation of an

I know that may be splitting hairs, because something like
Hydrochloric acid on Copper would still cause problems.  But
technically would it be corrosion -- or is the definition more broad?

Anyway, more to the point, what kind of corrosive material would
continue to work in a vacuum rather than evaporate (and thus
limit/minimize its damage)?  Do any of the AO-40 propellants have a
higher surface tension than vapor pressure at space conditions?  If so
that would be really weird.

My support and praise go out to the whole AMSAT community for their
efforts and support during this incident.  Sometimes something as
simple as being quiet and waiting for news takes a lot of guts.

Ron, AG5RS

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