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Re: Re: the Linux thread ( that is what it is right ? )

>Douglas, do you really mean to say that you strongly favor an OS that
>it took you FOUR YEARS to master?

John, don't make the common mistake of mistaking "ease of learning"
for "ease of use". Consider an ordinary pencil.  It takes most people
considerably more than four years of nearly full-time effort to really
learn how to use one.  But once they do, it is quite easy to use.

Perhaps it is only because I've been using UNIX and UNIX-like systems
since 1978 that I find them *far* "easier to use" than any Microsoft
system.  But that is indeed the case for most of the things I do.

I'm the last person who will defend needless complexity. But sometimes
a little complexity is unavoidable if you want to get the job done.

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