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AO40: V-TX test

Dear All, 

The V-TX was switched On on HiGain antenna for 1 MA count between 17:31
utc and 17:35 utc in the perigee pass over Australia by VK5AGR. The
temperature of the transmitter rised from 16.6 to ~28°C, but Graham
could not detect any AO-40 telemetry signal on 2m. 

Unfortunately, the telemetry he was receiving on S band at the time of
this test was not error free and therefore some good telemetry might be

Probably the V-TX needs to be tested again in the next few orbits. 

Magnetorquing did commence and the results will be analyzed after the
next perigee. 

Thanks to the command team and in particular Graham for getting up at
0300 local time to do this. 

73s Peter DB2OS

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