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A leak??

 If there is a leak are the chemicals corrosive? Will they damage the
equipment bays? If it is.. I havent looked but can we vent off one tank at a
time to get rid of the stuff.. just open the valves. If not... light it up.
I say this because I think there is nothing wrong with the motor.. Of cource
if the spin is increasing then yes this would be a gamble and plain stupid.
But then too if the chemicals are eating away at stuff.. well then its a
catch 22. Watch it die slowly to the point where it becomes unusable or fire
up the engine and get rid of the stuff just in case.. but risk blowing it to

 Man.. to the guys who have to make the decisions.. I feel for you.. You
guys have the worst job anyone could have.. One minute you get praise.. next
minute you get a bunch of guys breathing down your back and then the select
few who think you dont have a clue what you are doing.. What ever you
deside.. Im behind you 100.1%.

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