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Re: AO40: status

>I'm pretty lost...I'll be delighted to see the report, because I'm playing
>brainteaser with various ways that a slow leak could cause a higher spin.

Anything that causes propellant to flow toward the center of the
spacecraft will cause it to spin up faster in whatever direction it's
already spinning. This would happen even during a normal burn.

Think of a spinning ice-skater with arms outstretched. When she pulls
them in, she spins up faster.

The question is whether this is enough to explain the spinup from 9 to
17 RPM. Peter's cryptic comments last week about mass ratios implies
that he's already done that calculation and concluded that the effect
is not enough. I'd do them myself, but I have been unable to get a
figure for the spacecraft moment of inertia around the Z axis. Whether
this was ever accurately measured prior to launch, I do not know.


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