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Re: Are there any Linux users using autotracking?

Many years ago (about 18, to be exact) I produced a C/UNIX package of
satellite tracking and orbital analysis tools. It consisted of a
library of routines plus a few applications that used them.  This
included a program that I used to determine AO-10's orbit after the
kick motor firing using ranging data from the command stations.

I based it on a commercial package called Sat Track, so I never
publicly released it.  Also, because I haven't done much with it in
some years it has developed some bit rot, including some Y2K problems.

But if there's interest, I could eventually go through this stuff,
pull out the pieces that aren't encumbered by copyright, fix the
portability and Y2K problems and release it on my website under the

I point out that the biggest and most complex element of this package
(or any orbit tracking package, for that matter) is the subroutine
that takes orbital elements and a time and gives a state vector
(position and velocity). And here there's really only one routine to
use: SGP, which is in the public domain. You can find it on the
www.celestrak.com website.


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