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AO40 telemetry/psk samples

AO40 2.4 gigs the best I've ever heard it in San Diego.

Signal was heard out to phase 54, and that is the farthest for me.

I was setting up to do some sun noise tests as I was no longer copying
the telemetry but could still hear the signal, and shortly after I 
connected an AC
voltmeter I heard some bursts of weird drone sounds at phase 50 2021z 6jan01.
Anybody hear that, or anybody tell us what that was?

I've put the following on my site:

1. T010106.raw and A010106.raw telemetry I copied ~phase 12.
2. PSKdecoder.mpg a few seconds of the front of my G3RUH decoder in action,
some audio in the background.  The wobulation plainly visible, and some 
block lites.
3. AO40tele1.wave - a short audio clip of the actual telemetry.

I have longer audio clips if anyone can use them, but I don't have that
much room up there.  If interested please get them before 11jan01, as I
need the space for another project.  Or e-mail me direct, and I can send you
a longer one...


            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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