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Re: AO40: status

Peter Guelzow wrote:

> However, there is a
> sign of a small leak, which is also the reason for the higher spin.
> The reason for this, effects and other things are under investigation
> and results will be reported when a final conclusion is made.

I'm pretty lost...I'll be delighted to see the report, because I'm playing
brainteaser with various ways that a slow leak could cause a higher spin.

--The leak makes a small water-pistol type reaction motor (fairly obvious)
--The leak changes the operational characteristics of the 400N motor during the
--The leak allows ammonia to escape though the arc-jet engine. We know it is
mounted off-axis...
--The leak changes the mass and mass-distribuition of the sat though loss of

People who have nightmare visions of corrosive fuel splashing around the bird
eating critical components may be pleasantly surprised if the leaking fluid is
He. Or ammonia.

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