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Re: An informal poll

Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:

> Please respond to me privately with answers to the following questions.  I
> will summarize the results to amsat-bb in a few days.
> 1. Have you written any software recently?
> 2. Have you designed any RF circuits recently?

I assume this has to do with the "appliance operators" thread.

For the results to be anything like meaningful, you might want to define your
terms a bit more precicely, especially for two binary outputs.

Terms like "recently", "written", "software", "designed" and "RF circuits".

Making both software and RF circuits can be activities involving assemblies
created by others...with varying levels of curiosity and/or knowlege about what
lays inside the "black boxes" involved. Someone who connects two MMIC devices
and someone who patches a co-ax between a transmit port an an antenna tuner have
*something* in common...yet the person who is building a balanced modulator or
an oscillator from discrete components fished out of the junk box is seen to be
clearly working at a more primitive level. Even though--or maybe *because*--that
same person could have pulled an oscillator or banaced modulator out of the junk
box as one piece held between finger and thumb.

The same kinds of grey areas obtain in software. There's a fair number of people
out there who are writing software who may not think of it as that...and
probably just as many who aren't really who would tell you they are.  

Bonus points should probably be offered for anyone who has written software that
designs RF circuits. Recently. 

Extra credit: Design an RF circuit that writes software. :-)

 73 de Maggie K3XS 

P.S. Surely a PC with a 900MHz clock is an RF circuit...:-)
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