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S2 Received strong in Iowa 1345Z 3 Jan 01

Hi, Fred:
        OK, OK> so I need to go and take a piece of PVC pipe and put it in
the microwave oven for a couple of minutes and see what happens.  I know
some antgenna gurus who think PVC is OK, but some others who think not. If
it works, it sure is a hell of a lot easier than any other way of doing it.
Man, I hate to set up the outdoor antenna range to screw around with this
stuff (kinda cold here yet, too). But maybe.
        On your holding the feed in front of the dish, a number of years
ago, I copied AO13 mode S on a homebrew receiver while holding a 4-turn
helix and preamp in front of a Chinese cooking wok. ( picture in the
Hamsats column in 73 for Jan 1994. )
        LHCP being better than RHCP at high squints? Sure, under certain
limited conditions, why not? Since I started to think of circularly
polarized signal patterns as imperfect, skewed ellipsoids, and the quality
of signal transfer between 2 such forms (beams) as the intersection of 2
eliptical columns (which implies a distance difference from one side of the
intersection to the other and, therefore, a phase difference), it's easier
to accept "variations from the theory". It's kinda like some sage said
"before I had kids, I had 3 theories on raising them. Now I have 3 kids and
no theories" :-)

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