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Re: Speaking of big ears...

Well Margaret it looks like you followed up on my reference to Charels
Osborne and Pisgah Radio Observatory.  The principals on the site are all
members of SARA [Soc. of Amateur Radio Astronomers]

You'll find a link to Pisgah on the SARA web site if interested in "pictures"!

I have had similar reactions when I moved into my current house and placed
a 12 foot polygonal "golf ball" radomed antenna [2.5m ku-band dish inside]
in the back yard.  I was really tempted to put up signs like "Area-51.5" or
"CIA Retirement Home", etc.  Mostly I just told them either "its my
spaceship" or "If I tell you I'll have to shoot you".  

Now with the four long-boom 2m eme antenna array, mode UV satellite array,
and a 16 foot dish going up next year, they'll probably be afraid to ask
;-)  PS: there is a NRA sticker in the window.

Nice article and pretty interesting place.  Thanks for sharing the link.


>From: "Margaret Leber (K3XS)" <maggie@voicenet.com>
>And I thought *I* got a good deal on used antennas:
>"NSA abandons wondrous stuff"
>"Astronomers who took over an abandoned spy base find remarkable,
expensive and
> incomprehensible stuff at every turn."
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