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Re: Speaking of big ears...

Neat place. I use to work there years ago with Bendix. They have
(had) 2, 40 foot dishes and were self-contained on power. They had a
bad power outage crunch when I was there in 1973-1974 due to the
'fuel shortage' and as a result were off-line for 12 hours waiting on the
fuel truck.

It is located in a very neat area. Interesting trip up to the site. There is
a very large rock that hangs (at least use to) over the road, and you
always wondered when you passed under that just how long it would
stay there.

At 04:38 PM 01/05/2001 -0500, Bill Richarz wrote:
>Actually the place is located in Rosman, North Carolina.
>I've been there several times in the 1980's when they were just
>gathering data for spy satellites....the large dishes do travel fast.
>They had a large "mouse" (about the size of a duck pin bowling
>ball), and you could spin that ball to where you wanted the dish
>to point, and it was amazing to see several tons of metal move so
>It is located in the middle of no-where.  The station indeed is located
>in a natural bowl....kept out all the outside electronic interference.
>I'm sure astronomy radio telescopes need to have the same environment.
>The entrance road is called Neil Armstrong Rd....once you top the
>hill, it looks like a science fiction scene.  I was shown through the
>whole place, and they didn't appear to me that they were trying to
>keep anything secret at that time.  I actually took many photos, and
>interviewed the person in charge.  Was a great story, but the local
>paper was not interested.
>I'm sure they left some expensive equipment there when they left,
>although, I would suspect a lot of it is pretty out dated.
>de Bill, N4DH
>At 13:34 1/5/01 -0500, Margaret Leber (K3XS) wrote:
>>And I thought *I* got a good deal on used antennas:
>>"NSA abandons wondrous stuff"
>>"Astronomers who took over an abandoned spy base find remarkable, 
>>expensive and
>>  incomprehensible stuff at every turn."
>>  73 de Maggie K3XS
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