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Re: Speaking of big ears...

Actually the place is located in Rosman, North Carolina.

I've been there several times in the 1980's when they were just
gathering data for spy satellites....the large dishes do travel fast.
They had a large "mouse" (about the size of a duck pin bowling
ball), and you could spin that ball to where you wanted the dish
to point, and it was amazing to see several tons of metal move so

It is located in the middle of no-where.  The station indeed is located
in a natural bowl....kept out all the outside electronic interference.
I'm sure astronomy radio telescopes need to have the same environment.

The entrance road is called Neil Armstrong Rd....once you top the
hill, it looks like a science fiction scene.  I was shown through the
whole place, and they didn't appear to me that they were trying to
keep anything secret at that time.  I actually took many photos, and
interviewed the person in charge.  Was a great story, but the local
paper was not interested.

I'm sure they left some expensive equipment there when they left,
although, I would suspect a lot of it is pretty out dated.

de Bill, N4DH

At 13:34 1/5/01 -0500, Margaret Leber (K3XS) wrote:
>And I thought *I* got a good deal on used antennas:
>"NSA abandons wondrous stuff"
>"Astronomers who took over an abandoned spy base find remarkable, 
>expensive and
>  incomprehensible stuff at every turn."
>  73 de Maggie K3XS

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