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AO40: status

Dear All,

I know that many people are looking for more information and
I can understand this..

But please keep in mind that the recovery efforts are not easy 
and take a lot of time. Everyone involved in the recovery
is indeed very busy.. and we all have another job for living..

Due to the currently limited downlink capabilities, uploading
of new command and analyzing the results takes somewhat longer
at the moment.

So far it was determined that the L-band and U-band Uplink,
both on HiGain antennas, seem to be OK.  We have no results
yet on the Omni antennas.  At the moment command stations
will also evaluate the V-band antennas with the receivers.

As soon as the antenna situation (including the antenna relays)
is known, we will also carefully try the V-band (2m) TX again, maybe
even the U-band (70cm) TX.  Until than we will continue to use
the S2 downlink.

Another high priority is to test the magnetorquing attitude control
system to spin down the s/c and adjust the attitude for better
sun angle and also to improve the squint.

Than it will also take some time to evaluate the status of the
various other systems and experiments. This will certainly include 
the Arcjet and the wheels as earliest as possible.

Once this is completed and we have a complete overview, than
we can declare the spacecraft to work normally and perhaps 
think about re-defining the mission of AO-40, whatever it will 

The good thing is, that AO40 seems to be in a very stable condition
and there are no signs on further damages. However, there is a
sign of a small leak, which is also the reason for the higher spin.
The reason for this, effects and other things are under investigation
and results will be reported when a final conclusion is made.
At the moment we clearly have priorities and these are to bring
AO-40 back into "normal" mode as soon as possible.

Best regards
  Peter DB2OS
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