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Re: Phase 4 satellite(s)?

 > Packet radio and AX.25 were pretty radical when it was introduced,
 > yet it seems rather commonplace and pedestrian now.  The growing
 > popularity of things like PSK31 for "RTTY-like" applications seem
 > to have no huge barrier to implementation.  But carrying voice
 > by other than SSB.. that's a different matter.
 > Sure, it's *different*.  And perhaps these new "modes" don't
 > support quaint notions like "pile-ups" when trying to work that
 > elusive DX station. For those that are competative, perhaps new
 > contests would be more appropriate (e.g., fasted file transfer rate?
 > Highest fidelity sound/hz of bw?) that would help drive the
 > development of new techniques, rather than just the same old
 > thing.

Considering that there are increasing numbers of hams running AM on the HF
bands to get back the fidelity that was lost with SSB, this may be the right
time for a digital voice mode.



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