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Re: Prime Star Dishes etc.

on 1/4/01 5:23 PM, Murray Peterson  VK2KGM at vk2kgm@ihug.com.au wrote:

> If it is the more common approach, that is several tuned lengths of
> microstrip almost parrallel to each other but not touching, the technique I
> have heard about but not tried yet is to solder 2mm x 2mm squares of brass
> shim on the ends of these microstrips which adds capacitance and lowers the
> frequency of the band pass filter.

Yep, now that you mention it I know exactly the type of filter layout you
are talking about.  Yes, you can do what you suggest.

Another material that works smashingly well for modifying microstrip lines
is copper tape.  It has a conductive adhesive, can be cut with an Exacto
knife and can be soldered as well.  I would be hesitant to run long lengths
of it on anything exposed to the WX as the adhesive is what holds you on to
the substrate, but for short jumper runs where you solder both sides of the
tape down to the "permanent" microstrips, it would work great.  I've
modified a number of microwave circuits over the years (what a GREAT first
job I had) with it to fix prototypes, etc.  Works well and is a little
easier than brass shim to work with.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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