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Re: ao40 today

Hi Phil ..... list

>I think the +/1 200 Hz drift might be due to the rotation of the
>Let's compute what it should be.
 >= +/-14.2 Hz.

My observations agree with this. The wobulation shows up clearly on a
waterfall display. At squints of around 45 degrees the waterfall display
shows 'squiggles' of around +/- 1mm on my screen. On the w/f display 150mm
represents approx. 1500Hz ... ie. approx. 10Hz per mm on my screen so the
'squiggles' represent (very approx. but in the ball-park), +/- 10Hz on each
rotation of the spacecraft. Considering that the figure would increase with
squints out to 90 degrees, Phil's calculations of the theoretical Doppler
look to me to pretty much account for the 'wobulation'.

Bill Magnusson ... vk3jt
Milawa Australia

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