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Re: Re: the Linux thread ( that is what it is right ? )

Douglas Cole wrote:
> So please do a little research before you make such trolling remarks , it really
> makes me lose faith in your credibility ( I know your a sharp guy , just a
> little misinformed maybe ) and I like to have respect for my peers :)
> Sheesh , and when you do give it a try don't expect to be an expert on it
> overnite for criminies sake , it took me four years and alot of reading and
> newsgroup posting before I could say that I am comfortable with Linux , but hey
> I know alot more about computing and networking now then I ever did with windows
> .........

I was monitoring this thread for a bit of amusement (The OS wars have
been going
on for thirty years that I know of- only the names have changed) but
this post
really gave me a chuckle.  Douglas, do you really mean to say that you
favor an OS that it took you FOUR YEARS to master?

For criminies (sic) sake, man, don't you have anything else to do?

All in fun, and best regards,  John  W5EME
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