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Appliance operators [was: Re: dual boot PCs]

laura halliday wrote:

> I find this thread actually *is* vaguely AMSAT-related.
> A certain curiosity, a willingness to look under the
> hood and delve in to technical details, rather than
> merely being a consumer...

Funny, I just had someone tell me off-list that most sat ops *are* appliance
operators, in response to my "no schematic/box welded shut" radio analogy to
secret source software. 

That seemed odd to me. The AMSAT crowd as a whole seem to me like a fairly
technically hip bunch, and even in amateur radio today I don't believe it's
possible to really be technically proficient without some part of that
proficiency being digital and involving programming. Computers *are* electronic,
y'know? And radios (and everything else electronic) are looking more and more
like computers every day.    

Once again, I'll say (because a bunch of people liked it the first time I said
it) "In ten years, 'no-code' will probably mean a completely different
thing when applied to a radio amateur. If we're still here."

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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