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RE: dual boot PCs

Frederick M. Spinner <fspinner@hotmail.com>

>LILO comes with every Linux package, like Red Hat, Debian,
>Slackware etc. there is...

Not unsurprisingly, there are other boot loader/managers.
I've only ever used LILO, but if you don't like it, you
are welcome to write your own.

Even if all you're booting is Linux, there still has
to be a boot loader that the PC boot ROM can invoke.
Since there is no OS or file system at boot time, all LILO
knows how to do is load block such-and-such through block
such-and-such from a particular device into memory and
start it executing. This is why you must run lilo when
you install a new kernel, and it's also why you can
delete a kernel file and the system will still boot -
until the blocks on disc are reused by new files, their
contents are still there.

The Windows analogue are those blocks that the Windows
defrag tools won't move. The Windows boot loader also
only knows about disc blocks.

I find this thread actually *is* vaguely AMSAT-related.
A certain curiosity, a willingness to look under the
hood and delve in to technical details, rather than
merely being a consumer...

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