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Re: dual boot PCs

Laura & al

That's one of the most complete and accurate responses I've seen on the BB
for a long time.

Interested that you have W9x on your PC!!

I think you covered everything.

It is possible to install W9x on a primary partition that's not the first
one if you hide earlier partitions and set their partition type to non-FAT
before you install. You can also do it by using Partition Magic after the
install. Very fiddly of course. Be ready for lots of late nights before you
get it just right. The 1024 cylinder limitation is the big nightmare!

FWIW I've used System Commander for over four years, which allows you to
have multiple OS's on the same partition (assuming they understand each
other's format), and different config files for the same OS on the same
partition. It will also deal with choosing the boot partition at boot time
like Boot Magic, aka Boot Manager. It also help to avoid the 1024 cylinder
limitation in certain instances. Gives you a WinME command line too in the
SC2000 version!

For instance I have nine OS selections on this laptop but I'm only using and
two partitions, including two DOS's, W95, W98, WME, WME command line, WNT4,
W2K and a floppy boot.

My job is systems troubleshooting, and so I have to have ways of trying
things out on different platforms to replicate and identify faults.

On my two machines at home I have 18 OS selections including two Linux
selections as well as all the above (and four NT4 service pack revision
versions including both 'debug' and 'free' versions).

73 Howard G6LVB

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> Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE <wb5rue@arrl.net> wrote:
> >...
> >By themselves Windows 95 and Linux will not "dual boot."
> >...
> ???
> I've dual-booted Windows 95 and Linux for years. Now I
> dual-boot Windows 98 SE (I upgraded so I could play with
> USB) and Linux (kernel 2.2.16 with the USB patch,
> experimenting with 2.4.0). Always with LILO, installed
> in the master boot record.
> There are two gotchas: you must install Windows first
> (or be prepared to reinstall LILO), as it overwrites
> the master boot record. Additionally, all bootable
> partitions must start before cylinder 1024 so the
> PC BIOS can see them. This is a non-issue with Windows,
> which unconditionally boots off the first partition
> of the first hard drive.
> Linux is aware of Windows and mounts the Windows partition
> without any fuss (mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /win98). Windows
> won't even admit that the hard drive is 15 GB.
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