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Central Telemetry Server


I have the promised telemetry server up and running on
garc9.gsfc.nasa.gov (

I now need some stations who are regularly receiving s-band
telemetry using P3T, Dave Page's psk400, or IZ8BLY's demod.
If you are interested let me know and I will send you the UDPtelem 
application (1.4MB install kit) you need to run with one of the 
above programs to feed data to the central server.

The way it works is as follows:

One or more stations send data as complete 522 byte (8 byte P3T
sync + 514 Byte AO-40 frame) packets to UDP port 2121 at the above
address. This is done by running one of the above programs then
running the UDPtelem app and connecting to your local demod program.

Thanks to Dave Page, the packets are checked for valid sync, CRC
checked, and checked to see if they are dupes from someone else.
If it is a unique new valid packet it sends it to all of the 
P3T clients that are currently connected.

As a client you run your P3T app and connect as a remote client
to TCP port 1024 at the above address.

Hope it proves to be useful!

Ron, wa4sir 

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