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PREDICT 2.0.4d For DOS Released

Hi Folks.

I'm releasing a new version of my open-source satellite tracking/orbital
prediction program for DOS/Windows environments today.  This primarily a
bug-fix release with no new added features:

Release 2.0.4d:
by John A. Magliacane <kd2bd@amsat.org> (04-Jan-2001):

* Fixed several small math errors.  One goes back to some very old
  (and widely used) satellite tracking code!  Thanks to Jordi Mas
  for pointing them out and providing corrections.  Thanks also to
  Andreas Trotschel for pointing out an error in the size of the
  global output[] array.

* Portions of the MultiTrack() and SingleTrack() functions were
  re-coded for greater simplicity.

* A bug in parsing the command-line options was fixed.

The new version of PREDICT for DOS is available for download from:


The latest version of PREDICT for Linux will be available shortly.
It will include *MANY* more network socket commands for providing
live tracking data to client applications.  Three graphical clients
for displaying the positions and footprints of satellites in
real-time on a world map will be included as well, along with
sample code and documentation to permit anyone to create their
own socket-based client applications.

Happy Tracking!

73, de John, KD2BD

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