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RE: dual boot PCs

How do you switch the active partitions?  Do you use FDISK?  What I meant by
Windows95 not "dual booting" is that it isn't built in to the operating
system like it is in Windows 2000.  You have to manually go out and switch
the partitions.  For a while I had w2k and w98 dual booting.  w2k could see
w98 but ignored it.  W98 couldn't see w2k because of the NTFS partition.
Each time you boot w2k kernel starts and asks for an operating system of
choice.  It will time-out to the default or you can select.  I actually had
w2k, w98 and a very small DOS6.21 partition for the really old stuff.  Now
I'm running NT and 98.  They can't see each other because NT uses NTFS which
98 can't read and 98 uses FAT32 which NT can't read.  To transfer files
between systems I have a small FAT16 partition.
Now if the dual boot is controlled by Linux then all bets are off and my
statement is null and void because I don't know Linux.

Kevin, WB5RUE

I don't know everything about computers, I just act like I do.  So there!

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> ???
> I've dual-booted Windows 95 and Linux for years.

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