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Re: dual boot PCs

Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE <wb5rue@arrl.net> wrote:

>By themselves Windows 95 and Linux will not "dual boot."


I've dual-booted Windows 95 and Linux for years. Now I
dual-boot Windows 98 SE (I upgraded so I could play with
USB) and Linux (kernel 2.2.16 with the USB patch,
experimenting with 2.4.0). Always with LILO, installed
in the master boot record.

There are two gotchas: you must install Windows first
(or be prepared to reinstall LILO), as it overwrites
the master boot record. Additionally, all bootable
partitions must start before cylinder 1024 so the
PC BIOS can see them. This is a non-issue with Windows,
which unconditionally boots off the first partition
of the first hard drive.

Linux is aware of Windows and mounts the Windows partition
without any fuss (mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /win98). Windows
won't even admit that the hard drive is 15 GB.

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