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Re: Big ears listening for AO40

> I finally found some time to fire up the 12m (40') dish to see if I could
> hear AO40 at apogee....

Finally rememberd that we have a STDN Diplexer in line at the feed box and
that has >70dB rejection at 2401.  I bypassed that and now I can hear AO40
at 56,000 km phase of 96 but it won't keep my DSP-12 DCD lit for more than
a second or so at a time due to the spin, and so I'm decoding nothing to
speak of..

Receiver is an AOR-5000 with IF BW set at 3 Khz.

Time is about 1500 UTC on Thursday 4 Jan.
ANd it sounds like the signal is getting worse as we approach apogee...

de WB4APR, Bob

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