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dual boot PCs

The "dual boot" thing is a very nice function of Windows 2000.  By
themselves Windows 95 and Linux will not "dual boot."  I use a system
produced by Power Quest called "Partition Magic."  It allows you to create
separate partitions that "can't see" each other.  So you can run Windows and
Linux and the can't see each other.  This is good when you have different
flavors of Windows that don't like to see each other.  You can do this by
hand with Windows 95 and Linux but it is a pain and dangerous, if you aren't
careful you can end up with an unbootable hard drive.  Partition Magic comes
with Boot Magic which is a graphical interface to the dual boot mode.  You
simply select the operating system and it takes off transparently.  I think
the Partition Magic/Boot Magic combination runs about $65 (US).
http://www.powerquest.com for more information.  One tip that isn't in the
book (that I could find).  All the bootable partitions must begin within the
first 4gb on the disk.  This is a limitation of the PC BIOS.  It's the same
principle that was behind the old PC's 540mb limitations.  I dual boot NT
and 98.  My NT partition, 3gb, is first on the disk followed by a 10gb
Windows98 partition.  Following the 98 boot partition I have another NT
partition for data.  You can have as many partitions as you like in whatever
combinations you like as long as the BOOTABLE partitions BEGIN within the
first 4gb of the disk.

There are several other very good products out there, I'm just familiar with
Partition Magic.

Kevin ,WB5RUE

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> > BTW can I run both win95 and Linux on my old P100?  Or do I have to
> > uninstall windows completely.  This is a pretty big
> learning curve I'm
> > facing if I want to play with the gang.  I'd really rather
> learn the latest
> > RF development tools and build microwave goodies!  An
> analog kind of guy!
> You can install a dual boot system. No problem.
> I dual boot Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Debian Linux on my
> main workstation.
> Hamish
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