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Re: Prime Star Dishes etc. , think W1GHZ ;^))

Joe Leikhim wrote:
> I also found one of these dishes at the side of the road. I also already
> happen to have one of those tri-band microwave feeds that DEM sells (PC
> board). I am considering pairing these up to make my S-band dish for
> AO-40.
> Does any one know if the tri-band feed works only as a "splash" feed?
> Can I turn it around so that the feedline exits the Primestar dish in
> the "normal" way? If not, mounting the feed will be a problem.
> How does one determine the focal point of the Ptrimestar dish. I already
> know how to find phase center for the tri-band feed.
> Thanks
> --

I have little idea at the moment on the focal point Joe , but I have one of
those dishes too  and plan on doing some experimenting once the foot of snow is
off the ground a bit , so if you don't have an answer in a month let me know and
we can trade ideas :^)

Also ( someone is gonna poke me on this one ) I do have "UHF/Microwave projects
manual vol.2" ( from the ARRL ) ,that I got at dayton last year , but I have not
had time to read it or the other numerous books that I have laying around (
spend too much time on email ;^) ) , but I think that our good buddy Paul Wade (
W1GHZ) has done all the work for us ,as I saw an article in there titled
"dualband feedhorn for the dss offset dish" ,  so you may want to check out his
web site too  http://www.tiac.net/users/wade/10g_home.htm , as he in my book has
done more to make this part of the hobby accessable than anyone I know of ( ok
so I don't know anyone else , ok I'm kidding for all those serious folks ;^) )
Zack Lau where are you ? , Paul really has done alot of great stuff and then
gone and documented it so that dummies like me can try and learn from him !

Anywho I'm at critical mass ( inside joke ) , I think I'm gonna go outside and
roll around in the snow to bring me back down to earth  ;^))

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Spokane IRLP node 145.250 owner
Registered Linux user # 188922
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