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Re: the Linux thread ( that is what it is right ? )

Mark West wrote:
> Could it be possible that it does not exist because no-one wrote it? I
> wonder
> if such SW would be available if somebody could make a living by selling it?
> And if someone ever does put it out, what are the odds of getting a suite of
> apps equivalent MS Office for free?
> Oh NO! did I just go and reveal another flaw with open source

Sorry mark ( nothing personal ) but if I were sending this to some of the news
groups I subscribe to I would think you were a troll , but I will give you the
benefit of the doubt , because you obviously have never used Linux , or a recent
distro' , let alone for any length of time if you have , 
there are many office suites that run circles around ctl-alt-del/2000 ( oh sorry
Office 2000) , and if I really have to name them then dangit I'll feel
frustrated that you haven't bothered to do any research before making such a
broad sweeping statement :^P

I can create a Word97 document using my Linux computer with my Star Office suite
of applications , I can also manipulate my access database files that I bring
home from work , and I can also mess with those awful excell spread sheets that
my boss likes me to make , all at home , and like I have mentioned in previous
postings , I don't do windows at home , I use Linux!

So please do a little research before you make such trolling remarks , it really
makes me lose faith in your credibility ( I know your a sharp guy , just a
little misinformed maybe ) and I like to have respect for my peers :)

If any of you folks out there are sitting on the fence about Linux because of
alot of the FUD ( thats Fear Uncertainty and Doubt ) spewed about Linux , then
you need to consider trying Linux-Mandrake , it in my opinion is one of the
easiest and most capable distrubutions on the market today and that includes
anything from redmond , it is -so- easy to install , and it will do an excellent
job of auto-detecting your hardware for you and setting things up , it is well
thought out and it works ! , bottom line , oh and I know there will be somebody
out there that will pipe up and say "it didn't detect my brambleweenie 5000 ,
and it vaporized my monitor" , but hey I get that on a regular basis at work
with the microsoft stuff , and I didn't pay as much for Linux ( as they say "you
do the math " ) , but really all I was trying to say when I think I first
started this thread was , people should have a choice and be made aware of that
choice , not forced into something just because everybody else is doing it (
heck until 4 years ago I was using microsoft stuff too ) and not nowing there is
an -alternative- .......

Sheesh , and when you do give it a try don't expect to be an expert on it
overnite for criminies sake , it took me four years and alot of reading and
newsgroup posting before I could say that I am comfortable with Linux , but hey
I know alot more about computing and networking now then I ever did with windows

I can actually troubleshoot things at work now so my IT people don't have to
mess with me :)

Nope sorry , I am no IT expert , nor do I have any illusions of grandeur , just
trying to make a point , cuz I am so fed up with the naysayers....

why are you folks so afraid of Linux ?!? 

it really won't bite , really ....

woof ! , flame suite on !  

ok guys remember , this is supposed to be fun ......      right ?

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Spokane IRLP node 145.250 owner
Registered Linux user # 188922
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