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RE: Satscape Tracking Program.

Hello Tony!

04 Jan 01 08:59, I wrote to 'Ken Collins':

 TL> Just had a look myself and had no problems with getting the download
 TL> started.  I'm going to have a look at the program as well, see if it
 TL> offers anything extra that I can use (hope it has good reporting
 TL> facilities, as my requirements are beyond any program I've yet seen,
 TL> and have to do a lot by hand).

I had a closer look.  Some nice features, like the pass recording - I can dump
Cooledit and do this fully unattended!!! :)

However, the reporting is a bit light on.  I might keep this one for the  audio
side of things, as the pass recording feature looks like a real winner. :-)

Program seemed to run well on a test system at work.  One annoyance is the
strange, non-standard way used to enter longitude, if you're east of the Prime
Meridian.  Would be nice if we could use the - notation.  Also, some hints
could be provded on the page where you enter location data.

Just a few rough edges on a good program with some interesting features.

I'm still looking for something that can turn out data that can be easily
turned into something like you can see at http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/so-35,html
(that's done by hand currently, pass by pass, city by city).  Attempting to do
it with existing software gets clumsy, because of the way reoprts are

 >> > http://www.satscape.co.uk

I'm not sure if the author is here, if not, I'll try and pass my feedback on
directly.  This one looks like it might have found a niche in the shack. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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