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Shack PCs, software, OS, etc (was RE: Re: UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software)

> Well, guys n gals I'm not sure what his thread has to do with 
> subject line,
> but...

Well, I can fix that... (look up!). :)

> running a lot of DSP programs, trackers, psk-31, etc. with only 8 mb
> ram...buuuut reaaal slooow!  Then I got a really wild idea 
> and installed 32
> more mb...and it came back to life.

Amazing what a little RAM does. :)

> Well, as of yesterday it is no longer lonely.  My new P3-866 
> with 128 mb of
> 133 MHz sdram arrived from Dell.  Of course it has the latest 
> win2000 OS.
> So now that I have a two-computer household, little P100 can 
> lose all the
> memory hogging win apps and be happy running my dedicated ham-shack
> shareware programs.  BUT, they are mostly DOS based programs. 
>  Now if I
> want to join the "Brave new world" of Linux can I still use my old
> favorites, or...do I have to hire one of you crackerjack 
> compooter jocks to
> rewrite everything to this new OS thingy?  Translation spend $$$

Not necessarily.  A lot of ham apps already exist for Linux, Predict for
satellite tracking, PSK-31, packet (which is built into the kernel), and
numerous others.  

> Its fine and good we have all this software talent out there, 
> but what am
> I, an unliterate non-software developer "apps" user to do?  
> Where's my DSP,
> NOVA, InstaTrack, IntaTune, Excell spreadsheets, {and several 
> others I'll
> spare you with in the name of brevity} etc. for Linux?

On a Linux download mirror somewhere out there. :)  Predict for sat
tracking, Star Office from Sun for spreadsheet/WP, basically what MS Office
does, and so on and so on. :)

> BTW can I run both win95 and Linux on my old P100?  Or do I have to
> uninstall windows completely.  This is a pretty big learning curve I'm
> facing if I want to play with the gang.  I'd really rather 

It is a learning curve.  However, while you can run both Linux and Windows
simultaneously on a P100, it would be horrendously slow, but you have
several options:

1.  Try Win4Lin to run Win95 on top of Linux (and expect things to be
awfully slow!).
2.  Get another P100 from a flea market and use that as your Linux box.
Then network all your PCs for maximum flexibility.
3.  Setup a dual boot system.  This will take more disk space, and you can
only run either Linux or Windoes, but not both.
4.  Similar to above, but use removable HDD cradles and physically swap
drives when changing OSs.  A bit fiddly, but a very safe way to get into
Linux (no worries about accidentally trashing Windows).

Also, if you're considering getting into Linux at all, it might be worth
making contact with your local Linux users group.  They can be an invaluable
resource.  One thing with Linux is you're never alone, there's always
someone to help and someone in the same boat as you.  Personally, I find
Linux support via the Net to be more useful and more readily accessible than
that of commercial vendors (no waiting on hold for 20 minutes! :) ).
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