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European K u band LNB's

The european  LNB's do indeed use 13/18 volts for polarity, and 22Khz for 
LO switching.

The now standard LNB's use 9.750 Ghz and 10.60 Ghz as the L.O. ( switched 
with 22khz tone ) and the 'official' coverage is 10.750 to 12.7 Ghz.

 From practical experiments, I have found that the coverage extends well 
below the 10.750 Ghz lower frequency, well into the 10 Ghz band. The 
current Sky Digital 18" oval offset dish and LNB can be obtained for as 
little as £40 UK pounds ( about $60 ) when used with an ICOM PCR1000 as a 
tunable IF, it is surprising just how good they are at 10 Ghz.

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