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Re: Thanks - SatScape Download.

In article <c5.cb599f9.2784b23e@aol.com>, T5z4@aol.com writes

>I too noticed no sign on requirement at this web site for the download.
>The program looked interesting at first but was very slow even on a
>pentium where after about a half hour the software proceeded to self
>destruct.  The program appears to have a little ways to go before it is
>truly viable.  Maybe I'll give it another try someday but it just got a
>little too scary to keep the program.

Many thanks for checking this out Steve. I am a little surprised it
bombed out on you after about 30 minutes. Since I found it a few days
ago it has been running 24/7 with no sign of that. Here it is running on
my latest shack upgrade, a PR-200 with 32 Mb RAM. I also have it
networked to my main machine and again no signs of any problems. At the
moment with only SatScape and the Resource Meter running I am only using
11% of the user/system resources. Of course that percentage will
increase as I bring more applications on-line.

Will keep an eye on that.

Incidentally, I have just received an e-mail from a 4X station saying
that he also had the sign on/password requirement. Most odd.


Ken Collins - G4FIP
E-mail:- kenc@cwcom.net
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