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Re: Re: UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 08:19:22PM -0600, Mark West wrote:

> Don't tell me he/she can make money as a tech support person,
> or by assembling free code onto a CD. I am quite un-interested in
> those *careers*.

How many people here have Windows software that feels like it was written by
people "uninterested in support"? Hands? 

When you called for support, did you speak to anyone who had access to the code?
If you spoke to anybody at all? 

And another survey: How many people on-list would buy a *radio* with no
schematic? With the case welded shut? 

This is very close to what you get when you buy closed-source software.

For a mature product with anything like a serious life-cycle, much more effort
and expense goes into packaging, documentation and support than into burning a
CD and rolling it out the door. You are at the mercy of a single vendor (if
your're lucky) for correction of defects and provision of enhancements. And
whatever effort you put into your use of the package---scripting, programming,
scaffolding and other plumbing--becomes a lever over you held by the developer,
rather than enuring to *your* benefit. 

The notion that Microsoft's current problems are a result of anything beyond the
obsolescence of their own business model in a world saturated with computing
power is risable. It has very-little to do with dot-com mania.  

They can't survive in a world where most of the market already *has* a PC that
works well enough. The game of pumping up bread-and-butter apps--word
processors, spreadsheets, browsers--with features nobody can *find* much less
use effectively is over too...so the bright future from Redmond is
pay-by-the-drink software. Hope you like it when you have to put a quarter in
every time you fire up Visual Studio. It *will* happen. 

 73 de Maggie

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